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Story Outline

The story begins with our protagonist witnessing their bed-ridden father inching closer to death via an unknown illness. The local doctor advises our protagonist that his father may be saved if he can manage to collect three medicinal ingredients located across the desert. The protagonist then must set out to find the ingredients while interacting with NPC's to learn of the location of the many ingredients. However, certain NPC's will try to persuade the boy that their are 'better' ingredients which he can use to cure his father. If the boy chooses to use the better ingredients he can use them in one of the possible 9 combinations available to create the medicine. If the combination is incorrect the boy will witness his father turn into a cactus. If the combination is correct then the father will be cured.


  • Movement:
    • Left Thumb Stick, Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Pick Up:
    • E key or A button
  • Pause
    • Escape Key or Start button

The Team

We are a passionate group of University students that have come together to produce a game that we are as a group proud of. This game was a lot of fun to make and I hope you enjoy it as much as we have during production.


  • Julian Petrevski
  • Josh Wright
  • Nicky Costi
  • Amanda Hone
  • Chinghing Lam
  • Alexia Oaks


  • Hassain Hussein


Prickly Situation v3.1_Data.zip 94 MB


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Hey! You guys only uploaded the exe, make sure to upload the exe and the DATA folder together in a zip file.

Ok, thanks for letting us know. I will edit the download file ASAP.